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At Dedicated Dental Solutions, we’ll always do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth, but extraction is sometimes a necessary last resort. Sometimes decayed and damaged teeth become beyond repair and require simple or surgical extractions to preserve your oral health. Failing to pull deteriorating teeth swiftly can make you more susceptible to infections, excessive pain, tooth shifting, and other issues that negatively affect your dental health. Dedicated Dental Solutions offers professional tooth extractions in Rapid City, SD, and can handle all your oral care needs at an affordable rate.

Dedicated Dental Solutions is Rapid City, SD’s go-to choice for tooth extractions and dental services. Our general dentists will address your oral health concerns using the best practices and treatments in the industry today. If you have a decayed or damaged tooth and need professional extraction services, contact Dedicated Dental Solutions.

Professional Tooth Extractions in Rapid City, SD

Tooth extractions are more common than many people think. Dentists perform simple or surgical extractions when teeth succumb to decay, gum disease, and damage. It’s a last-resort procedure used when all other treatments fail.

Our team at Dedicated Dental Solutions has extensive experience extracting teeth and will make the process as swift and pain-free as possible. We utilize industry-leading tools and extraction methods to remove the tooth without causing unnecessary discomfort. We may recommend tooth extractions if you’re suffering from the following.

  • Tooth decay
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Fractured or overly damaged teeth

We also offer tooth extractions to patients needing braces who don’t have crowded teeth.

At Dedicated Dental Solutions, we understand how intimidating having a tooth pulled can be. We’ll be there for you through the entire process to answer all your questions. We want you to have a painless experience and do everything we can to pull your tooth without causing significant discomfort.

Our Extraction Process

Upon appointment, your dentist or oral surgeon numbs the area to reduce pain during the extraction. For simple extractions, the oral surgeon lifts the tooth and cuts the periodontal ligament before removing it with dental forceps.

Surgical extractions are more complex since the tooth or teeth in question are underneath the gum line. Your surgeon makes a small incision along the gums to remove neighboring bone tissue. They then carefully remove the tooth or break it into several pieces to ensure a swift and efficient removal.

Finally, your surgeon cleans and stitches the tooth socket to prevent excessive bleeding and reduce the risk of infection.

Our tooth extraction process ensures optimal results without causing unnecessary pain or discomfort. We also provide guidelines to help the wound heal and improve your oral hygiene.

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If you need professional tooth extraction or dental services in Rapid City, SD, contact Dedicated Dental Solutions. Our dentists and oral surgeons have performed countless extractions so you can be confident you’re receiving quality service from experienced dental professionals.

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