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Having missing teeth can create difficulty in many areas of your life, including eating, speaking, and feeling confident in your smile. Additionally, the structure and stability of your surrounding teeth are at risk if you do not address the problem. Removable dentures may be the solution you need, so contact Dedicated Dental Solutions in Rapid City, SD, to learn more!

What Are Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are a fully functioning set of replacement teeth. They act as a tooth replacement solution and suction to your gums for easy use. You can take simple steps to keep your removable dentures in great condition, such as:

  • Remove Your Dentures at Night – Give your mouth a rest by removing your dentures before sleeping and place them in water. They may experience damage if you leave them out while dry.
  • Clean and Soak Them Daily – You must keep your dentures thoroughly clean as you would with natural teeth. You should brush the set daily, soak them in a denture cleaner, and remove plaque or stains.
  • Schedule a Professional Cleaning – Your dentist can periodically clean your dentures to remove stubborn buildup, but you should form a habit of cleaning and soaking them.

Some patients deal with tooth loss from gum disease and make great candidates for removable dentures. They can have a full set of durable, realistic-looking teeth that offers a more youthful appearance. You’ll find multiple types of removable dentures, but talking to your dentist can help you find the right one for you.

Types of Dentures: Full vs. Partial

Both full and partial dentures have resin bases that sit on top of the bone ridge. Full dentures offer a complete replacement of your teeth and can be removable or implant-supported. Partial dentures work similarly to full ones but replace only a few teeth instead of every tooth in your mouth.

Removable partial dentures have a metal base and are longer-lasting, more comfortable, and lighter than other dentures. They are often pricier than conventional dentures but offer an excellent fit. Some partial dentures are plastic, but metal is usually preferable.

Benefits of Removable Dentures

Dentists use high-quality resin to craft removable dentures that look and feel like normal teeth. They also serve as support for your mouth. You can speak more clearly and confidently with dentures.

Our professionals make removable dentures that look great and make many patients happy. When you receive removable dentures from Dedicated Dental Solutions, you’ll have a team of excellent dentists on your side. We’ll ensure your dentures look the way you want, are comfortable, and improve your daily activities.

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